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We provide our clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed within the EU. Thanks to our years of experience at working within the “Brussels Bubble”, we have mastered governmental relations at the EU level. We offer insights, expertise and experience about the EU, enabling clients to contribute to shaping EU policies.

Ketchum Brussels is located at the heart of the European Union. This is where European Public Policy is shaped, sometimes very transparently, sometimes behind closed doors. EU policy making is extremely important for companies as EU legislation influences the vast majority of national laws in Europe, having a direct impact on every European citizen, consumer, business and market.


Auke Haagsma

Auke Haagsma

Auke specialises in providing strategic advice on European Union law and policy. His clients come from a variety of sectors, including the tech and health-care sectors, Among them are blue chip companies, trade associations and diplomatic missions.

Auke provides advice on dealing with the EU institutions, suggesting the best and most effective ways of engaging with EU officials. He advises on specific policy issues including data protection / privacy, competition and intellectual property, public procurement and single market related issues. He assists a number of countries in Europe and elsewhere in their efforts to harmonise their laws and regulations with those of the European Union.

Auke has been a public affairs professional for ten years, prior to which he was a European Commission official for 28 years. At the Commission he dealt with a large number of different issues, including competition and internal market policies, protection of the environmental and of the consumer, trade policy, public procurement and agriculture.


Raül Hernández Sagrera


Raül Hernández Sagrera has been an expert on EU affairs both as a researcher and as a practitioner since 2007. He has written and presented reports for the European Parliament on mobility issues and published articles in renowned peer-reviewed journals such as European Security.

Raül was in the European External Action Service working on the European Neighbourhood Policy and in the Commission working on relations with the European Parliament in the Directorate General for Enlargement.

Raül advises clients in areas such as EU foreign policy, food policy and cybersecurity and data protection policies. He monitors EU policies and identifies and engages with decision-makers in the EU institutions. Raül expresses his own views in blogs and looks forward to feedback from readers.

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