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The next EU Commission President, according to social media

The next EU Commission President, according to social media

Ketchum, in collaboration with Traackr, has been closely following the 2014 EU Change-Over as it is playing out on social media by tracking and analysing the main influencers in the surrounding discussions. Now that the new European Parliament has been elected, most of the attention and speculation has turned towards the next Commission President. Social media commenters are posting up a storm about who is going to take the top job. Though suggestions of Kaitanen, Lamy and Kenny as potential candidates are being raised, none of them are considered to be serious contenders. On social media, the race is down to Jean-Paul Juncker and Christine Lagarde. Among the English posts Juncker is trending, something he has been able to do throughout the elections. Even though Lagarde has a lot less mentions than her competition, the conversation about her is predominantly positive and she is gaining momentum. Lagarde is viewed as[...]

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