2014 EU Change-over – A time-table

Today the UK and the Netherlands are the first EU member states where voters can elect a new European Parliament. The other member states will do so in the next three days. The 2014 change-over will of course involve many other changes and appointments including that of a new European Commission, a new High Representative and a new President of the European Council. The PDF timetable below sets out when the various decisions are likely to come down.

2014 EU Change over time table

Keeping checking back here for more on the European elections.

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Auke Haagsma
Auke Haagsma

A passionate European, who places his clients’ interests at the centre of his actions, Auke Haagsma proudly co-chairs Ketchum’s Public Affairs Leadership Council. Having been involved in European politics for almost 40 years Auke does not believe in defending the status quo, but sees a Europe that is ever closer to its citizens and companies and works to improve their lives. In his blog posts Auke expresses his personal opinion on a broad spectrum of EU-related topics and welcomes feed-back from his readers.

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