Overview of social media: surge in focus on TTIP and energy in the final phase of the European election campaign

As the elections to the European Parliament have been approaching, more and more social media users comment on them. Conversations cover a wide range of topics related to EU affairs, but which are the ones that have been most popular, in particular this final week? And who are the most influential people engaging in social media conversations?

Data generated by Traackr allowed us to identify the most trendy topics around the EP elections, monitoring the social media during the month of May. The results show EU relations with Russia and Ukraine, trade and in particular the TTIP and energy are the topics which were menioned most in the conversations. TTIP negotiations and energy were widely discussed topics as of 19th May, coinciding with the final phase of the electoral campaign. References to EU relations with Russia and Ukraine mounted as the events unfolded.

Top topics of the elections

Regarding the top most influential social media users, they are the following according to Traackr:

Jean-Claude Juncker
The EPP candidate seems to be just beating his opponent Martin Schultz by just two influencers. Interestingly enough that seems to be about the same margin by which his political group might win the elections.

Martin Schultz
The PES candidate has had a successful social media campaign behind him. Initially trailing Juncker his social media following caught up over the last weeks leading up to the elections.

Nigel Farage
The UKIP leader has been very active on social media in the run up to the elections. This coincides with his standing in the polls where he is expected to do well when the results are made public on Sunday.

Jon Worth
The Brit based in Berlin and an online campaigner has been a part of the EU related social media conversation since well before the campaign. His numerous events and regular replies to questions on twitter have kept him in the top ranking of our influencer list during the election campaign.

The satirical blog has been a staple feature of the EU bubble for as long as anyone can remember. The witty insights provided by this blog are very popular amongst those talking about the EU and the elections. Having been an inspiration for Juncker’s TV advertisement shows just how far his influence goes.

Top influencers

About the author

Auke Haagsma
Auke Haagsma

A passionate European, who places his clients’ interests at the centre of his actions, Auke Haagsma proudly co-chairs Ketchum’s Public Affairs Leadership Council. Having been involved in European politics for almost 40 years Auke does not believe in defending the status quo, but sees a Europe that is ever closer to its citizens and companies and works to improve their lives. In his blog posts Auke expresses his personal opinion on a broad spectrum of EU-related topics and welcomes feed-back from his readers.

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