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To the new EU leadership: How to proceed on China

To the new EU leadership: How to proceed on China

Two weeks ago we saw a deluge of new investments following Li Keqiang’s visit to the UK and Greece whilst the third round of negotiations on the EU-China International Investment Agreement (IIA) were underway in Beijing. Li’s visit follows Xi Jinping’s tour through the Europe last April, announcing the need for closer EU-China ties. As of this writing, the new EU leadership is starting to take shape, the question is if they will be able to capitalise further on China’s shift toward Europe. The EU will need to present a unified policy, which requires an understanding of why China is focusing on Europe and an accompanying long-term approach. In Europe, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sees massive opportunities for trade, a chance to diversify currency holdings and new technologies. Trade is a no-brainer, the EU-China trade amounted to over $420bn in 2013 making it the second-largest economic cooperation in the[...]

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